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Our road to Automechanika Frankfurt 2018

Wolf Oil Corporation has been coming to Automechanika since 2012, at the start with only a small presence, 3 people, a small booth, barely enough space to accommodate the interest in our company. Since then things have changed.

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Our road to Autmechanika Frankfurt 2018

Been there, done that, got the free samples and the tote bag.

Wolf Oil Corporation has been coming to Automechanika since 2012, at the start with only a small presence, 3 people, a small booth, barely enough space to accommodate the interest in our company. A relatively small and innovative lubricant blender.

We still remember our first times at Automechanika, the fraternity and banding together to make sure that everything came together.

Since then things have changed. We’ve become one of the most disruptive and forwards thinking lubricants blender, with a booth that encompasses our two innovative brands, Wolf and Champion, and we now come with over 30 staff.

But what does that have to do with Automechanika Frankfurt, and what does that have to do with you?

Firstly, it’s all about you; without your trust and partnership we wouldn’t be where we are today which is also one of the reasons we love coming to Automechanika, to celebrate you our partners, our future partners and our friends.

Secondly, Automechanika has been a signal of our growth. When we started there, it was a rather small operation. Now, it’s become a market maker, a clear indicator of how we’ve been growing. Year on year. Every year, a little bigger, a little better. A little bit more fun, a better selection of drinks. And now we’ve gotten here. To where we stand, today, a clear bar for our industry.

But we believe that we can go further, and that’s why this year, we’re turning towards the future. A clear vision of the future of mobility. Built upon clear insights. How people will get from A to B tomorrow, with the advent of the radical changes that are in the pipeline, from selfdriving cars to the change of drivetrain power.

A vision of the future that takes into account that people are slowly rethinking their mobility. How their mobility is more and more a mix, the most efficient always winning. How people in the city are abandoning the private car, and signing up in droves to platforms like drivenow, zipcar and other car sharing schemes.

What that means for the servicing and maintenance of the car industry if the end consumer is no longer involved. Them just picking up the car at their best convenience, dropping it off when it’s no longer needed and notifying a fleet manager (or not) that it needs attention. We’re seeing these changes operate across Europe, and the rest of the world.

This of course has an impact of where we’re going, as an industry, as partners, as a lubricants company. It has an impact on our future. An impact that we need to address and have a take on to be a serious actor in the field of lubricants.

This is another reason for us to be at Automechanika. For us to share that vision. A vision that we believe will be a benchmark for the industry, and that will help us grow in the future, and to help you gain a competitive advantage.

So let’s meet at Automechanika Frankfurt. Let’s talk about the future. Let’s make it work for all of us.

More information to be found here: www.wolfoilinflow.com

See you there.

Practical details

  • Dates: 11th to 15th September, 2018
  • Location: Messe Frankfurt
  • Wolf Oil Corporation Stand: Booth C70 – Hall 9. 1

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