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Our 2020 view

Now that we’ve left Automechanika Frankfurt behind, we’re more than ever ready for the next steps. With the numerous projects we have in store, it’s now to us to continue the flow of success.

Fairs and events

Now that we’ve left Automechanika Frankfurt behind, we’re more than ever ready for the next steps. With the numerous projects we have in store, it’s now to us to continue the flow of success.

From humble beginnings… to a future-ready road ahead

Dating back from 1955, this company has been through some inevitable change already. Internal change like our company growth in size, employees, partners and its (international) network. Though the external changes can’t be overseen as well. The market as a whole has seen a significant evolution in adapting and innovating in engine tech and drivelines. And even a bit more down the line, in the aftermarket and garages, the complexity and change have increased significantly.

If there’s one certainty about the past, it’s that it provides you with valuable learnings, key insights acquired over the years. It allowed Wolf Oil Corporation to adapt itself to future events and gain more expertise, even cross-industry wise. That has made us future-ready for the next flow of success! It’s within our mission to revitalise the business of our partners and customers, in order to generate more value with lubricants together.

A mission that has taken us to many places already, across the globe, with our most recent stop in Frankfurt. For the fair ‘Automechanika’, Wolf Oil Corporation designed a marvellous booth design including a screen wall, virtual reality activation and a mixology bar. That September week in Frankfurt was interesting to say the least! Next to hosting different seminars about Future Mobility, we also organised a press conference to disclose the different projects we have worked on…

Ambitious projects in store

With our Wolf Lubes brand, for instance, we announced a few upcoming projects. Firstly, in 2019, the brand will become the official lubricants partner of the leading name in global motorsport: the FIA World Rally Championship. A partnership of companies committed to the very best in vehicle performance!

Secondly, Wolf will soon launch its latest innovation to help independent garages service their customers with the right oil at the right time, ensuring garages always have sufficient supply of the products they need: the Wolf Smart Oil Cabin. With 8 bays for 20L bottles and 2 spaces for 60L barrels, the Smart Oil Cabin connects to the Wolf Lubes network, with a link to the customer’s distributor or retail supplier. Internal and/or external sensors provide constant measurement of fluid levels in the bottles and barrels, providing accurate availability data to the system.

Thirdly, when talking product, the brand has been working on a new product line to synergize with its upcoming WRC sponsorship. A new range, applicable for all types of racing cars. In parallel, Wolf is working to meet the increase in hybrid cars with a special range of products suited to hybrid engines. On top of that, Wolf introduced a new product technology, MultiFactor Oil Serum, that contains as many as 20 active ingredients to form a unique multifactor oil serum complex. This serum is specifically formulated to reduce oxidation and keep engines younger for longer, while curbing emissions and helping to reduce harmful pollutants

Without a doubt, all of these efforts are designed to make Wolf the leading aftermarket lubricant by 2020.

Sharing insights about the future

For the very first time, Wolf Oil Corporation hosted a series of seminars from thought leaders in the automotive industry during Automechanika Frankfurt. Senior figures in research, technology, strategy and innovation have been invited to share the latest thinking on four key topics of particular interest to the automotive aftermarket. The way to get future-ready is by sharing insights within the company, across companies and across industries!

The trending topics covered in the Wolf Oil Corporation seminars

Product Innovation: OEMs are leading the drive for enhanced oils and lubricants, with engine designs that meet tighter emissions regulations and better fuel economy. These new engine technologies require complementary fluid technologies—oils and lubes that protect, enhance and perform. Over a series of seminars, guest speakers will show how this affects the aftermarket.

Tomorrow’s aftermarket & Value Chain Integration: How are the changes in aftermarket channels likely to affect garages and outlets? How disrupted are the current go-to-market routes, and how will they look after market consolidations, new digital sales channels, the merging of Original Equipment Suppliers and Independent Aftermarket ? Find out in these informative and thought-provoking sessions.

The Interconnected Future : With the Internet of things, Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) and Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) communication will only grow. The data generated by vehicles will be used by service and maintenance providers, in a fully interconnected market. The profound implications of these evolutions are essential knowledge for anyone looking to build for what’s in store. Join the future of automotive in our special seminars.

Mobility of the Future : The transformation of the automotive industry is not just physical, with more advanced engines and powertrain innovations. It is an increasingly complex and data-driven environment where digital transformation plays a key role. Cars, workshops, garage networks, tools and products will all become part of a fully-linked ecosystem with great opportunities for the aftermarket. Find out more about the opportunities ahead. Sign up today.

Watch the different seminars here!! Or take a look at some snapshots of our Wolf Oil booth in Frankfurt:

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