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Open Bedrijvendag... What an experience!

On October 1st, our doors were open to the public. The attendance was massive!

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Open Bedrijvendag... What an experience!

For the first time since 1955, our doors were open to the public. Friends, family, local residents and other persons interested took a peek behind the scenes in the renovated building and factory. A huge attendance: just below 3,000 visitors!

"What a day! Already 15 minutes before the opening at 10 am, guests were lining up. There was a lively atmosphere at the entrance non-stop until the end of the day. Fantastic!"

– Nathalie Mallentjer, Global Fair & Event Specialist

That Sunday, visitors could enjoy the unique chance to have a look inside the renovated building. Compliant with the latest isolation and energy standards, this renovation isn't only a prime example of sustainable building, the modern interior and impressive new façade were real eye catchers too. In particular, the LED-lighted aluminum wave, which starts at the façade and continues through the entrance until the roof, was a hot topic that day. This 'flow' symbolizes the smooth motion of the production process from crude oil to finished lubricants available in the market, including more than 90 countries around the globe.

Inside the Wolf Oil Corporation
3D render of our new building

"The renewed main building was finished just a month before Open Bedrijvendag. The perfect occasion to let our visitors take a peek inside, and the reactions were outstanding! Residents have been following our renovation from up close, but now they could finally take a look behind the scenes."

– Philippe Verellen, Managing Director

The tour around the factory featured interactive entertainment through a custom-made application, which guided visitors along a planned-out course. The app was also designed to gauge visitors' knowledge about Wolf Oil Corporation. 240 virtual teams have participated, and the participant with the highest score won an iPad mini!

Trying out the App
Scanning QR code with the App

From base oils to lubricants, the in-house laboratory ensures that all products are tested. During Open Bedrijvendag, visitors could participate in different experiments designed for all ages. This way, they discovered how our products are tested for quality.

Many residents came mainly out of curiosity. "Hemiksem is a large village, and everyone knows Wolf Oil Corporation. Now that the doors are open, we took the chance to have a closer look." Employees, too, seized the unique opportunity to take family and friends to their workplace. "It was fun showing my family where I work, to have them meet my colleagues and to explain what Wolf Oil stands for." Upon leaving the premises, everybody received a goodie bag to take home. Further, about 280 residents collected a free bottle of washer fluid.

"Surprise was a common feeling among many visitors. Most of them had not expected to see such a large team working 'behind the scenes'. In recent years we have grown at a very fast pace, and the dynamics among colleagues are motivating for everyone. Open Bedrijvendag was the perfect occasion to show this to the outside world.

– Nicolas Verellen, General Sales & Business Development Manager

Wolf Oil Corporation has more than 230 employees, and this number is still growing. Visitors had the opportunity to ask about job vacancies and submit their resume. "That day alone we received 25 visitors with interest in a position at Wolf Oil Corporation, and we've seen several applications come in through our website afterwards," the HR department reports.

At the end of the tour, visitors enjoyed snacks and drinks while the kids relished the children's entertainment. The snacks were a great success: that day, no less than 1,500 hot dogs and 1,000 pieces of cake and cookies were consumed.

The day flew by, but at Wolf Oil Corporation, a successful edition of Open Bedrijvendag is still a subject of conversation.

More information about our job vacancies on this website.