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The innovative success story of Wolf Oil as presented to the VOKA Business Club Innovation

Innovation has shaped Wolf Oil in many ways. Discover its success story so far.

Fairs and events

Founded in 1955, Wolf Oil has over 60 years of experience and expertise. However, the present company looks completely different compared to its early years. Over time, it has incorporated innovation in its way of working - be it within product, strategy or internal processes. Last week, we discussed our innovation case to the VOKA Business Club Innovation.

Experience, expertise & development

Half a century ago, Wolf Oil initially was focused on the production of private labeled products. This allowed the company to build up experience, expertise and to create the image of being a valuable player in the lubricant industry. We (Wolf Oil) counted only a handful of employees, but we managed to continuously exceed the expectations of our clients, which created a solid base for growth. Nothing was impossible and for every challenge an innovative solution was presented. Eventually, this open and flexible mindset has brought our company to further horizons we never imagined.

Growth, reflection & disruption

Thanks to the private label partnerships, the company managed to grow substantially. However, in today’s ever changing world, it is important to continuously reflect on past actions and results. Differentiation is essential to maintain a competitive position and to ensure significant growth. In the global lubricant industry, it is a challenge to stand out from the crowd making product proliferation a vital ingredient of many companies. We decided to be different, to challenge the status-quo of the industry. For that reason, we seized the opportunity to launch our two own brands: Wolf and Champion.

Value creation, differentiation & expansion

Brand building is everything, as marketing guru Philip Kotler once wisely said “The art of marketing is the art of brand building. If you are not a brand, you are a commodity. Then price is everything and the low-cost producer is the only winner.” If one focuses only on the functional characteristics of a product, for example the viscosity or a particular additive contained in a lubricant in our case, it becomes a typical commodity sale. With the launch of our brands, we also launched extra value. For us it was not about producing and selling lubricants, it is about offering a total package.

Innovation only happens when resources are limited. When launching our two brands, we were not in the same position as the big players of the industry. Nevertheless, our innovative mindset had already proven our dedication and our motivation to be fruitful. That is why we did not copy success stories of others; we created our own growth track. Our focus on solid partnerships and a keen Marketing & Sales approach allowed us to become a disruptive challenger of industry’s main players. By investing in partnerships across the globe, we created a strategic environment to increase brand awareness and international credibility.

The results proved we were right to do so. We noted a double digit growth for the past five years, and the expansion of our partner network has already brought us to more than 90 countries. Thanks to our Wolf Flow 2020 growth strategy, the company’s figures hit record month after record month with continuous investments in teams, partners and optimized logistics.

Wolf Oil today

In about 60 years, the company has gone through some strategic decisions. Innovation has always been the leading force behind it, and we are sure it will take us much further. The growth of the company and the expansion of its network did have a great impact already. In terms of logistics, for instance, we have made important investments in local teams and we are looking into the possibilities of having local hubs. And also the number of staff has increased significantly. All of this shows we have entered a new phase of our company’s growth, and we are excited about the future!